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Looking for a professional voice talent, or need a fully produced commercial with sound effects, music and voice? You’ve found Advertising Production Experts! The most talented commercial voice over talent in the world are listed here in one convenient place, immediately available ISDN, Source Connect, MP3, Aiff, WAV. or CD overnight. Feel free to call on “APE” to provide you with auditions so you can choose who fits your project best. Call us at 843-696-0550 or EMAIL US. These are just a few of the 375+ voice talents offered by Advertising Production Experts:

Alyson S.

Young Adult>To Mom>Todays Woman Conversational

Audra C.

Young>To Sassy>Todays Sexy Conversational>Friendly >Upbeat

Angel T.

Young Adult >To Teenish > To Little Girl, Energetic

Carrie O

Fun > Energetic > Young African American Great Delivery


Fun > Energetic > Young

Connie T.

Warm, Friendly, Real. Corporate, Converstaional, Characters

Connie W.

Lite, Conversational to Announcerish

Diana G.

Soft Spoken, Sweet, Encouraging, Relatable

Diane M.

Smooth Sophisticated Contemporary Neutral Dialect

Debbie G. General Demo (Two Demos here for Debbie G)

Energetic, Pleasant, Matter Of Fact, QuirkyDebbie G.  New KissAutomotive Demo

Debbie G.
Eve E.

Very diversified you name it she can do it..

New Kiss

Grace C.

confident and authoritative-but-warm and friendly with the big smile you hear

Iesha N.

Very diversified African American Talent..”She’s Got Skills”

New Kiss


warm and friendly ,  Playful, professional ….


Karen D.

Natural 30 -40 Something, Easy going.


Kelly B.

“Just name it…she can most likely do it “


Kera O.

Smooth to Upbeat, multi styles   NewWink

Kim C.

Sassy to Classy and all points in between

 Kitty K.

girl next door with the big smile to hip, young seductress.

 Mary Mc

Soothing quality, yet can be professional and playful as well

Melanie H.

Versatile Delivery…Melanie does it all.

Melissa RF

Positive, Moving Forward, Everyday Woman

 Mare C.

From serious, to wild she can handle any type of challenge

 Moe R.

Warm and friendly to fun, educated and authoritative, Young


Regina R.

Upbeat, Fun, Seductive, Uptown, Downhome, Chic, Young to Middle agish….cartoonish characters and a jingle singer

Innocent  Fun

Sharon C.

Smooth, sophisticated, but with a hint of attitude!

 Sheila H.

Real person’ to sophisticated, formal to ‘woman next door.’ She has a friendly and approachable sound,

 Vera M.

Warm, inviting, real, 20-30’s age range

Alex V.

Gen X, Gen Y, Middle Age, Senior

Andrew D.WinkNew

Gen X, Gen Y, Young

Bill B.

Smooth>Middle Age > Friendly

Bob B.

On Fire, Aggressive, Over the Top, Big Voice

Bob O.

Movie Trailer, Big Voice, Authoratative

Brad N.


Smooth, Guy Next Door, Friendly

Brian H.

Smooth, Guy Next Door, Friendly

Buddy S.

Upbeat, Hard Sell, Radio Blaster

Carl B.

Young, Hip, Gen X, Gen Y, Youth target

Charlie G.

Characters, Easy Going, Smooth

Chris A.

Guy Next Door>Conversational>Big Voice  Smooth

Chuck M.

Announcerish, Aggressive

Dan H.

Spanish to English, Smooth deep resonating to upbeat slamming

Dan K.

Snappy, 25ish and up , Your Radio Guy

David Q.


Aggressive, Medium Sell and Conversational

David S.

Aggressive, Medium Sell and Characters

Don H.

laid back to intense

Ed R.

The Non Announcer sounding guy..Appeals to all Demos

Glen M.

Converstional, Young to Middle age, versatile voice directions

Greg J.

Cool, Hipster

Jim Jo

Story Teller, Middle age to Senior

Jarred S

Hip Cool, Young…you want this guy on your campaign


Young to Middle age, fast paced

Joe S.

Young, Todays Generation Go To Guy

John P.

Upbeat to aggressive

Keith A.

Fresh Versatile>Resonant>Young>Friendly

Kenny C.

Low Rumble to Hurricane Strength

Llou J.

Big Barry Whiteish, Gentle Giant

Mark H.

Cool Cool

fun and friendly to smart and informative.  My vocal “age-range” is from 25-45,

Matt R.

Young Hip

Mike G.

Mr. Gen X, Gen Y

Mike M.

Old School to New School , Voice talent vet with versatility.

Milk S.

Urban Young African American “Over The Top” Aggressive


Fun > Energetic > Versatile>Experienced Seasoned Professional


The guy you expect to hear when you turn on the TV, Radio

Peter RL

Unique stand out with upper range voice

Peter M.

Smooth Laid back Big Voice

Reggie C.

Urban young to mid age

Ross B.

Versatile, Laidback to Upbeat, Institutional, Business-Like

Russ Mc

upbeat contemporary

Sam M.

Multi Characters>Diverse Styles>Rough and Tough to Mild Mannered

Sam R.

Smooth, Relaxed, Believeable

Steve L.

Urban Smooth, Relaxed, Believeable,  Friendly

Steve S.

Accent: Neutral American Voice description: Friendly, mature, conversational,Specialties: Narration and commercials

Warren S.

“Mr. Smooth Tones” Relaxed delivery

Wayne T.

Aggressive to laid back…not too over bearing


Urban Conversational, Smooth,Authoritative,Urban,Fatherly

Lisa B.

Smooth Laid back Big Voice

Olivia H.

Bright Happy, Teen Spirit, YOUNG Woman

Ford C.

Child, Young Boy, Disney, Parker Brothers, New Wink

Samantha H.

Sweet Young Innocent, Pre Teen, Teen Updated New Wink

Betty M.

Dan H.

Natalia F.

Paola R.

Pablo G.

* Translation of script from English to Spanish is $100 per script.
Joel G.

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