H D Radio

As Broadcasters embrace the new Hybrid Digital technology known as HD Radio, you may find a need for programming for your additional digital channels on your frequency. Contact our Audio Programming Pros at Advertising Production Experts  for programming alternatives.

You’ll receive your audio in pure digital format via the internet, streaming music programming 24/7 with local avails for you to plug in commercials and station imaging. This is a High Quality, Low cost programming element that you can access fast and have on air in HD in just a few days. No need to bog down your existing staff with generating playlists and originating programming. Contact us today, and begin broadcasting quality music programming on your HD Radio channels.

You name the format and most likely it’s already on line and ready for you to broadcast.  We can provide you with 160 channels online now.

 Contact us today so that we may get the content streaming to your HD channels to flank your existing main format and fragment your competitors audience.